Segal Family Foundation's Annual Meeting

Friday, September 20, 2019

Jersey City, New Jersey

About the Event

The conference was created to be a celebratory space bringing together the most innovative thinkers, ambitious doers, and progressive funders focusing on dramatic and positive change in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Segal Family Foundation's Annual Meeting is an opportunity to learn, network, and celebrate amidst a community of creative collaborators. Discuss best practices with other implementers; change the game of philanthropy with other funders. Meet fascinating changemakers; mingle, laugh, and find practical tools for your work. Reconnect to your mission after listening to inspiring keynote speakers and dance the night away!

Are you a progressive funder who is ready to think about philanthropy differently? Are you an innovative implementer who is ready to be challenged and energized? Join us at the Annual Meeting to put your vision into action and create positive change in the world!

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